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Lavender Flower Buds - Dried


Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia) flower buds. Perfect for sachets, potpourri, bath herbs, soaps, & crafts. Vacuum up a small amount & enjoy the fragrance while cleaning. Slip some into a greeting card or note for an added touch. Perfect for the wedding toss.

When you search online for bulk lavender, you will find some for less but please note that it is probably a low-grade lavender - the buds are either immature (with a green/purple color) or overmature with a faded gray color. 

Immature buds have a striking, pungent aroma & are not suitable for any use, in our opinion! Overmature buds have a delicate, lovely fragrance but would only be suitable in craft projects where the lavender would be hidden/unseen due to the gray color.  

Our lavender is a medium/high-grade lavender. The flowers are harvested at the perfect time - just prior to peak so that they dry with their full color and lovely fragrance. Just perfect but still affordable!


4 oz. (approximately 4 cups) - $6.99



8 oz. (approximately 8 cups or 1/2 gallon) - $11.99



1 pound (16 oz) - approximately 15 cups or 1 gallon- $19.99



5 pounds - approximately 5 gallons - $84.99 plus if you use coupon code DISCOUNT at the shopping cart, you'll get an extra 10% off! The price you pay will end up being $76.49!


"I was astounded by how soon the balsam and lavender arrived. When I stepped in the door, I knew they were here, because even with the box unopened, I caught the scent. Both the lavender and balsam are simply delightful, the highest quality. Thank you so much! I will order from you again."    Linda, New Hampshire

"The lavender & catnip arrived yesterday. I am very pleased with the lavender & my cat Lily did not hesitate to embrace & enjoy the catnip pillow. Thank you."    Barbara, Virginia


"I just received your balsam & lavender. They are wonderful & I will definitely order more in the future."    Wendy, Vermont

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