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  • 14" x 7" Herbal Therapy Warm/Cold Flax Seed Packs


    Low price guarantee - we promise the highest quality & lowest-priced Herbal Therapy Packs on the Internet! If you find a similar pack for less, we'll match the price! See bottom of page for details!



    Great for: * pain relief * joint stiffness * relaxation * fever * stress/anxiety relief    * muscle spasms & cramping * inflammation or sunburn * headache * bed warmer or cooler * 


     Replace your leaky hot water bottle & oozing gel packs! Heat these packs in the microwave or in a conventional oven (wrapped in foil) & pamper yourself with the soothing heat therapy & fantastic herbal fragrances. Chill them in the freezer & feel the gentle cold that won't alarm you like ice.

    ****Why are these packs unlike all the rest?****

    * Designed & made by a 26-yr. Physical Therapist with 2 1/4 lbs. of certified organic flax seeds, which don't smell bad over time like more inexpensive grains such as rice, corn, or wheat. The tiny flax seeds are SO comfortable against your skin & they have a high oil content which holds the heat nicely. Remember to check PACK WEIGHT when comparison shopping. More flax means the heat/cold lasts longer!

    Flax SeedsFlax Seeds         

    * 14" x 7" with a sectioned design to ensure even application of warmth & cold


    * fully-lined with 100% cotton muslin for added durability

    * We make your pack when you order it! Our packs don't sit on a store shelf for months or years getting stale.


    * Plus YOU get to choose from 4 different fillings:

            1. Flax Seeds & an Herbal/Spice Blend - flax seeds & a fantastic, fresh-smelling combination of lemon verbena, rosemary, chamomile, lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, cinnamon chips, cloves, ginger root, & aniseed.

            2. Flax Seeds & Lavender  - flax seeds & real lavender flower buds for a beautiful, soothing fragrance.

                    3. Flax Seeds & Peppermint/Eucalyptus - flax seeds, & a fresh, minty combination of peppermint, eucalyptus, & peppermint essential oil. Peppermint & eucalyptus are known to help with sinus & chest congestion.

            4. Flax Seeds only - 100% certified organic brown flax seeds


    $25.99 each

    The perfect gift for that "hard to buy for" person!

    *Click on any image to see a close-up of the fabric






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    White Scroll on Black



    Meadow Flowers



    Sports Flannel



    Magic Bubbles






    All Things Through Christ



    Greatest is Love





    Autumn Leaves


    Hearts all Over


    Cats All Over



    Blue Mist



    Cow Print


    Country Hearts Quilt


    White Mini Dots on Black





    *It rarely happens, but if we run out of stock on a particular fabric, we will email you to ask if you would like to substitute another pack or cancel your order. Please remove email blocks for our address ( If you do not check your email or if you block our business email & don't respond to the Out of Stock notice within 2 days, we will substitute another similar fabric style. Please email us if you'd like to check pack availability before ordering.

    A heating pad cannot be used if you suffer from loss of sensation or circulation of the area being treated, open wound, infection, inflammation, an injury less than 3 days old (acute), skin cancer, other surface tumors, or edema (swelling). The pack should NEVER be placed on someone who cannot tell you if the pack is uncomfortable (i.e., an infant/baby, a sleeping or confused person). The pack cannot be used as a cold pack if you suffer from Raynaud's, rheumatoid arthritis, decreased circulation or sensation of the area to be treated, cold allergy (cold urticaria), paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria, or cryoglobulinemia. I have seen other herbal packs for sale suggesting the pack be used as a heating pad to help arthritis. Please note that if you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, you MUST NOT apply heat during an active flare-up of the disease.

    Due to health reasons, we can only accept returns on our herbal therapy warm/cold packs if they are unopened in their original, sealed package within 30 days of the date of purchase. If you return a pack to us that has been opened, it will be discarded & no refund will be sent. We have no way to tell if they have been used so they cannot be re-sold to another customer.

    LOW PRICE GUARANTEEIf you find a pack for less at another online store, we will match their retail price! 


    1. The pack must be fully-lined.

    2. The pack must be equal or greater in weight & dimensions.

    3. Only certified-organic flax seeds can be used as the heating element (no rice, cherry pits, wheat, corn, or other grain)

    4. The pack must come with an instruction leaflet on use & care of the pack

    5. The pack must be offered by a legitimate business (with registered name, collect's sales tax appropriately, etc.)

    6. The pack must be made fresh when ordered.

    7. The pack must have a sectioned design.

    8. The pack must be made in the USA.

    9. The pack cannot be our own Herbal Nook packs sold for less by our wholesale customers.

    10. The business selling the packs must offer at least 20 different fabric selections.

    Email us at with the above information if you find one & we will match the competitor's price! Nobody has found one yet & we've been online selling our herbal packs for 13 years now!

    2005 The Herbal Nook



    All of our products are MADE IN THE USA!!!

     Click here to find out why we don't show a list of the herbs/spices in our packs with their healing properties!


    "I ordered 2 herbal packs & absolutely love them. Over the past 5 years, I have tried every type of herbal pack available and, hands down, yours are the best!!!!! The filler in your packs is much softer & very comfortable to put against my face, & the scent is absolutely heaven!"

    Valerie, Colorado


    "We received the (herbal therapy flax & lavender) pack today & it's great. I ordered two more! Thanks for the great product!"

    Tisha, NY


    "Thank you very much for the quick service to us. Your products are fantastic! My wife & I use the herbal packs a lot, especially in the winter months. They really help with those little aches & pains. We will be placing another order with you very soon."

    Tim, Pennsylvania

    "I received my order tonight and absolutely love them (the herbal warm/cold packs) - have one on right this minute. Thank you tremendously!"

    Constance, Florida

    "I absolutely love my lavender-scented "sleep-pack" with its cheery, red-checked print. I even tuck it away in my suitcase whenever I am away from home, so I'm sure to get a soothing night's sleep no matter where I am!

    Anne, New York


    "Thank you! I ordered my products on Monday & received them Wednesday! What great service! I am so happy with my herbal packs! You guys are great & I am always happy to support small business owners!"

    Suzanne, Colorado


    "Thanks so much. I received the herbal packs & I LOVE THEM! I had an old buckwheat neck wrap that desperately needed replacing. Thanks for your wonderful products."

    Kim, Texas


    "Thank you for the herbal packs. They are great & we are enjoying them."

    Debbie, Alabama


    "I've just returned from vacation to find your package of lovely 'treats.'" It was really nice to have the flax seed heating pad. It works wonderfully & smells divine!"

    Rochelle, Ontario, Canada


    "Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful herbal hot pack & the balsam pine needles. They smell wonderful!"

    Betsy, Florida

    "I just wanted to let you know I received my herbal packs today & I hate to give them away!!!! They look adorable!!!! I am so pleased. You did a great job!!! Thank you & you will be hearing from me again soon."

    Robin, North Carolina

    "The quality, especially of the herbal wraps, was so impressive."

    Camille, Texas