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Organic Catnip Beds

These darling bed mats for your kitty are filled with certified organic catnip grown in the USA. Perfect for your cat's favorite spot - chair, couch, your bed, their bed, the will protect your furniture from fur & pamper your cat with the irresistible catnip they love! Choose from 3 different styles!

Our kitty LOVES his catnip bed! Ohhh - it's so comfy!!

This is great!

If you want to sit in his/her chair, you can just move the catnip bed & avoid sitting in fur! What bliss!

Can I be left alone now with my catnip bed?!

These catnip beds are a generous 14" by 17" in size.

Ohhhhh - it's so comfy!!

Price - $14.99 - choose from 3 different fabrics


Blue Kitties



Brown Kitties



Rainbow Kitties


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