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Herbal Foot & Body Powders

These wonderfully-fragrant foot & body powders are made with cornstarch, arrowroot powder, baking soda, natural clays, tapioca starch, & pure essential oils. You won't find talc, artificial fragrances or colors in these all-natural powders!

The Antibacterial Foot & Body Powder has pure tea tree essential oil added which is great for fighting nasty foot bacteria! Then, essential oils of litsea, lavender, & sage are added for a fantastic, fresh, uplifting scent! Sprinkle a tiny amount in your shoes, boots, slippers, or even your sock drawer.

The Lavender & Bergamot Silky Body Powder has pure essential oils of bee balm (citrus bergamot) & Bulgarian lavender for a lovely, captivating fragrance! Dust over your skin to help control perspiration or just to enjoy the fantastic fragrance! Put a little on your finger & dust over your forehead or nose to control shine.

6 oz. - Price $11.99

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