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Bulk Balsam

This wonderfully-fragrant cut balsam is from beautiful Maine. Use it for sachets, pillows, potpourri, & more! Check out our feedback at bottom of page. Chemical/pesticide-free! 1 lb. is approximately 7-8 cups of balsam.

*A word about balsam: our balsam is sold by weight, not volume. Finished fragrance & volume depends on many factors - age of the tree, location of the tree (dry versus wet ground), time of year harvested, elevation of the tree, etc. Freshly harvested & dried balsam has an ultra-fresh scent that fades within about one month to a mellow fragrance that lasts for years.

Our balsam in stock is never more than 3 months old. If you purchase from us when the balsam is freshly harvested & dried, you will be amazed by the fresh scent but it WILL fade within a month. If you purchase from us when the balsam scent has already mellowed, it will not smell "knock-you-over" fresh. If you are a return customer, the balsam may not smell exactly the same as your previous order. This is a natural product - not contaminated by fragrance oils, so we end up with what nature provides at the time!

Please note: Balsam Sachets and Pillows or any other craft you make with the balsam will not scent a room like artificial fragrances do. You have to be close to the balsam to smell it.

1 lb - $8.99


5 lbs - $39.95 (or $7.99/lb)


10 lbs - $64.90 (or $6.49 a lb)


"I was astounded by how soon the balsam and lavender arrived. When I stepped in the door, I knew they were here, because even with the box unopened, I caught the scent. Both the lavender and balsam are simply delightful, the highest quality. Thank you so much! I will order from you again." Linda, New Hampshire


"Recently I purchased bulk balsam from you.  It is sooo clean and fresh! I will certainly be a return customer & look forward to our entire cabin scented with balsam. The wonderful scent is reminiscent of being raised in New England.  Also, thank you for your thoughtful gift of lavender & your speedy service!"  Leslie, Georgia


"I just received your balsam & lavender. They are wonderful & I will definitely order more in the future." Wendy, Vermont


"I just wanted to thank you for the balsam. It's absolutely wonderful. I can't wait to use it."

Pat, Florida


"Wow! Thanks so much! The lovely scent filled the foyer & sent me straight home (to NY). I will so enjoy using the balsam.  Lisa, Illinois


"Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful herbal hot pack & the balsam pine needles. They smell wonderful!"  Betsy, Florida


"I got my order today. Thanks for the extra goodies! I will be ordering more balsam from you. It smells like Christmas. I love it. Thanks for the great service."  Dawn, Ohio


"Thank you, Margaret, the balsam arrived on September 1, yesterday! Now that's fast. The aroma is other-worldly to say the least."  Br. Christian, New Mexico


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