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About Us

All of our products are MADE IN THE USA!!!

My husband, Paul, and I have mixed our talents & interests to create The Herbal Nook. Paul is a computer wiz (actually, I think he can fix anything!) & is the organization expert here. I am a 23-yr. licensed Physical Therapist, avid herb gardener for 30+ yrs., & a lifelong crafter. You name it & I'll bet we've tried it - basket-weaving, cornhusk dolls, Scherenschnitte (German art of paper-cutting), rag rugs, canning, flower-pressing (see above picture), soap-making, crocheting, & sewing, to name a few!

20 years ago, I noticed that some of my patients were using those microwave-able rice or corn-filled packs for their heat/cold therapy. I repeatedly noticed two problems with these packs. First, when they used the pack, the filling would slip to the ends of the pack, leaving the center area empty. Second, the inexpensive grains like wheat, rice, & corn developed an unpleasant odor & felt lumpy/bumpy.

I combined my PT skills & interest in sewing to begin making my own herbal therapy warm/cold packs with a sectioned design using flax seeds. You can read about the benefits of flax seeds over other grains on our Herbal Hot/Cold Packs page. We started selling our products at local shops & shows & Ebay. Our business grew to include other fine herbal products & gifts. Now, here we are with our own website for 9 years now!

We are dedicated to providing high-quality herbal products & gifts to our customers, and we are proud to say that ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS ARE MADE IN THE USA! This is a challenging commitment, to be sure - but one we refuse to compromise. We donate 5% of our profits to the Wounded Warrior Project which supports our US military heroes who have been injured while serving.

Please let us know if we can answer any questions. We aspire to manage our business with integrity & commitment to customer service, summed up beautifully in the words of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta:

"Let none glory in her success but refer all to God in deepest thankfulness; on the other hand, no failure should dishearten her as long as she has done her best."

2005 The Herbal Nook